Tuesday’s Time Out: Stop, Look & Listen 01-10-17

How is your week going so far? It’s only Tuesday, but how often do you stop what your doing, look around you, and actually listen? Ok, now go ahead! It’s your turn. Right now stop reading this, look around, and listen to what’s going on. Give yourself a minute or two or more. Take a deep breath in, and slowly blow out. Take your time.

Ok, now that your back. How did that feel? What caught your attention and what did you hear? Maybe it’s noisy around you. Do you have kids running around? Is your tv on? Are you at work? Are you in a restaurant? Or are you by yourself and it’s quiet? Whatever your situation, it’s good to give yourself a time out. Kids need them to help them calm down or to think about what they’ve done. I believe it’s good for us to have one as well. We all need to take a step back and focus on what is important. What do you have going on today? Is it a priority or can it wait?

Have you ever noticed how children find the simplest things and enjoy it? It could be a flower, a bug, a bee, or a leaf. They see all sorts of things. Take this time to think about a little something in your life. Allow yourself a time out. There is joy in simplicity.



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