The “B” Word

I bet you’re thinking, “What ‘B’ word is she talking about? Where is this going?” Some would consider this word to be awful and cringe at the sound of it. Others, like me, think it’s a very positive thing. So, now to keep you from waiting any longer, I give you the word… Budget! Yes, the uncomfortable, squirm in your seat, do I have to talk about it, word. It’s actually very important and allows you to be in charge of your money instead of the other way around. The saying goes; “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
I started doing a budget in January 2008. I was taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Universty class to learn about managing my money. I was recently divorced and had a 2 year old girl to take care of. It was rough and she could sense my sorrow and pain. When she was 21 months old she told me, and I’ll never ever forget, “Mommy, it’s ok. I take care of you.” A small child should not have that responsibility. At that moment I knew what I wanted or needed didn’t matter because she needed me to take care of her. She needed me to do it the best way I knew how. I really didn’t know how. I was never good at money or managing it what-so-ever. I needed help. I needed direction. This class became available at my church and I jumped on board. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I have learned so much since then and mostly through my life’s experiences. Although, Dave taught me a lot. He started me out on the right foot. It’s up to us to keep going once we learn. Yes, budgets are hard at first, but they become easier. It becomes your way of life and you never knew how you went so long without knowing it before. I encourage you to get started. Take a class like I did, or download an app to help you get going. Start simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Just do it!


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