Friday’s Feedback: Now It’s Your Turn 01-13-17

Today, I would like to hear back from you. Which of my posts have you liked the best so far? What would you like me to talk about next time or in the near future? Would you like to hear more encouragement, inspirational, stories, or talk about money? You get the idea. If you would please leave a comment for me on today’s post, I’d really appreciate it.
I believe God placed the desire in me to write and start this blog. I want this to be something that benefits all of us. I hope I can encourage and write about topics that make a difference in someone’s life. But, I also would like to learn from you as well. I am excited about writing and I look forward to reading your comments. Thank you for reading my blog.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Feedback: Now It’s Your Turn 01-13-17

  1. All of your posts have been encouraging and wonderful, so it is hard to pick just one! I did like how Wednesday’s Wisdom encouraged with scripture, though 🙂 I would be interested in highlights of the budgeting tips you believe helped you the most!


    1. Joy, thank you for your feedback. I will definitely post more about budgets and include more scripture. I have already been thinking of new posts to write, so we are totally thinking the same. I am grateful for your words of encouragement to me. I will include your suggestions in the near future. Thank you! 😊


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