Why I Use Cash

I make a budget and follow it. Now, I’m not perfect, and things do come up and change, but for the most part, it works. I have to purposely work at it.

So here is why I use cash:

1. Another word I like to use instead of budget is plan. I like to plan where my money is going. If I don’t plan it than I might as well throw it all out the window. Planning out my cash categories helps me know what I have to work with.
2. It keeps me accountable. I mean it can’t really do that because it’s not a person, but in a way it does. I’m able to keep track of what I’m spending by how much I’ve already spent and how much I have left. Whatever is budgeted for that category is what’s taken out of the bank. That’s it! We get paid bi weekly in our home so it has to last those 2 weeks.
3. I feel organized. I use the envelope system. I have an envelope for food, clothes, my splurge money (my husband has some too), miscellaneous, Christmas, and trips. My wallet is very handy because it has the envelopes inside with zippers. It was made for me and it’s perfect! I choose to not carry the envelopes for Christmas and trips since those are saved for a longer period of time. It’s set aside.
4. I have security. Being able to plan and organize, I feel secure in knowing I’ll have the money to pay for specific things. Its purposely planned and it’s followed through with.
5. And now for the best reason. God spoke to me years ago. I knew I wasn’t managing money like He wanted me to. Using cash and the envelopes keep me on track. And, I know that I am purposely working at being a good steward of His money.

Is God speaking to you about keeping track of your money? The envelope system is a great way to go!

Luke 16:11
So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?


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