Weary and Burdened

I write this, today, to give someone out there hope. I’m putting myself in a very vulnerable place. I believe this is what God wants me to share with you.

You are not alone.

I sit here with my Bible open and tears running town my cheeks. I can barely see what I’m typing. I also want to say that I am not writing this for you to feel sorry for me. This is just something I must share.

This past week has been challenging for me. I believe the devil is trying his best to bring me down. I have been feeling a lot of negative feelings, but mostly that I’m not important.

Have you ever been uninvited?
Well I have. I look around and see others doing things and hanging out with their “friends.” I am not one of them. I’m the one that hears that someone gets together or sees them together on Facebook. I’m the one that feels that no one wants to be my friend. Why? I don’t really know. Is there something wrong with me? Do I smell funny? Did I do something or say something, even though I can’t figure out what it is?

Part of my daily verses today really spoke to me. “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke fits perfectly, and the burden I give you is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30

The part that really stood out to me was “Let me teach you.” It’s as if those words enlarged in my Bible as I read them. Jesus wants us to “let him.” He wants us to come to Him and teach us His Word. He wants to show us His love.

You know, I normally am not too bothered by these feelings of loneliness and not being invited to things. I can push it aside and put my hope in God. But, for some reason, this has been a struggle.

Psalm 42:5
Why am I so depressed? Why this turmoil within me? Put your hope in God, for I will still praise Him, my Savior and my God!

I believe that some of what I’m going through is a reminder that this earth we live in is only temporary. God doesn’t want us getting too comfortable. He also doesn’t want us to forget about Him.

Psalm 39:12-13
Hear my prayer, O Lord!
Listen to my cries for help!
Don’t ignore my tears.
For I am your guest –
a traveler passing through,
as my ancestors were before me.
Spare me so I can smile again
before I am gone and exist no more.

Go to Jesus! Let Him teach you! Grab your Bible and be ready to learn His Truth and Love.


5 thoughts on “Weary and Burdened

  1. I don’t believe we were put here to suffer. I do like you, believe we were put here to learn and grow into our highest and best selves. Thankfully, the Bible was written long before the programs that power Facebook and other social media platforms. The reason is clear. Guidance, direction, and to dispel the fear that we are ever alone. The best invitation I ever received was the one that gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with my Creator. Once I relaxed and gave thanks for this relationship, I was lead to others that were for my highest and best. I also became better equipped to be the friend I myself wanted to meet. Often times, I had to reach out, and not wait to be invited anywhere that might not be my cup of tea any way. I got to choose who I wanted to spend time with. Even more importantly, once I raised my vibration to match the people who were put here to connect with me…one by one, they appeared!!!

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  2. You know that those feelings are definitely not from God. I, too, try to understand my feelings and how they play into things in my life and the truth that I’ve found is that it’s usually just a way to stop you from doing great things! I find that the more I put myself out there, especially when sharing what God needs me to, the attacks are even larger! Not that the devil is under every tea cup in our lives, but those unwanted feelings are not from God. The next time a thought like that popsin, hold it accountable to what God says. He will never lie to you – Then marry that truth with an action. For example, reach out to people!! Initiate contact when you feel lonely or left out. Satan does like to isolate us but when you reach out, most of the time you will find that you are VERY MUCH WANTED! Love ya! Always reading – Kel

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    1. Thank you Kelly! I know the devil is trying to bring me down. I MUST be doing something he doesn’t like. And all the more lately, I’ve stepped out and pursued what God is telling me to do which is out of my comfort zone. But, in faith, I believe it’s all bigger than me. God is enlarging my territory in more ways than this blog. It’s a big deal to me. I’m not one to step out of my comfort zone or do things that are a little risky. Lately, I have. All of this is definitely the devil attacking me. Thank you for your kind, encouraging words!


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