5 Ways I Save Money On Personal Care

I’ve been wanting to write more about saving money, but, for some reason, it hasn’t gone the way I planned. And, part of me was feeling a little insecure about writing about it. Well, I finally feel it’s time to share my own walk with you and believe someone always has something they can share to help someone out. I also know I’ve not only lived it, but I’ve researched and read a lot about it myself to learn from others.

So, here’s what I do.

1. I only rarely get a pedicure (Mother’s Day and/or birthday) and I never get a manicure. I get a pedicure, occasionally, as a special treat. And I don’t like manicures. I’ve had bad experiences with them so I don’t do them now.

2. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. That saves shampoo, conditioner, water, and time. I’ll buy the shampoo and conditioner at CVS. I look at the weekly ad and only buy the best deals by using Extra Care Bucks (from previous purchases), manufacture coupons, and CVS coupons all together to save the most.

3. I buy my bar soap (Irish Spring and Dove) at CVS by looking for deals in their weekly add and using coupons, along with trying to get Extra Care Bucks back so I can roll them into my next deal.

4. I buy deodorant B1G1 with coupons at Publix or look for deals in their weekly add with coupons at CVS.

5. I’ve cut my hair myself by looking up how to do it on YouTube. I was coloring my hair myself but quit doing that over a year ago. I decided, over time, it wasn’t a priority and kept putting it off. So, I just haven’t done it. When it becomes important again, I’ll do it. We’ll see how long that takes.

Look for more tips from me soon.




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