You Might Call Me A Tightwad For These Reasons

1. Retainers – I had braces as a teenager. So, when it was time for the braces to come off, I then got to wear retainers at night. One on the top of my mouth and one for the bottom. I had the kind that had the wire that crossed the front of my teeth with the plastic part behind it. I had those for 17 years! Yes, you read it right! 17! I ended up having to go get it replaced. My husband accidentally broke them. They were sitting out on the counter on a paper towel. I had just cleaned them. He grabbed them in a hurry and threw them in the trash. And when he grabbed them, they broke.

I went and replaced my old ones. This time I only needed one. They’ve upgraded since and I only needed the top retainer. Well, about a year later, snap! It broke right down the middle in two pieces. I still have it. This one was made molded from my teeth so all I have to do is put it together and pop it in. It still fits and doesn’t bother me. I paid $115 for that thing and I’m not in a hurry to get another one. It still works great!

2.  Underwear – Ok, so this is something my husband has gotten on to me for doing. He’ll tell me to buy some and I’ll say, “I’m good. I can wear them a little longer. I’m fine.” I just really don’t like to buy myself much of anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. I will wear my panties out! There will be a bunch of holes in them. And, I mean until they’re falling apart.

3.  Bras – I usually wear a bra 2-3 times before washing it, unless I’m sweating or it smells. I only have 3 bras. Yes! That’s right! Who sees it anyway? No one knows and I’m always doing laundry so it’s no big deal to wash. Also, I buy my bras at Walmart for $3.88 a bra. I don’t spend big bucks on them. Why?

4.  Socks- I never buy myself socks. I bought some about 4-5 years ago but before then it had been about 12 years. My white socks were grey. More people see my socks, but I don’t care. I don’t want to spend the money.

5.  Jeans/pants – I usually wear them at least twice before washing them. Depending on what I’ve done and if I spilled something on them. Leggings are different. They are tighter and, therefore, closer to the skin. They’re also not bulky so more can go into a load than the other. I’ll wear them once, then wash.

I didn’t buy an Easter dress this year. My husband insisted I buy myself something. I just couldn’t do it. I’d rather keep the money. Is it really that important? I have several dresses. I just wore something I already had.

I have to laugh at myself a little. I can be very extreme with some things. But, you must ask yourself, “Is it worth the money?”


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