This Is What We Budget For

We may not all have the same budget, but we all have the same basic needs. Beyond the basics, each person or family must decide what’s most important to them and budget accordingly. In this particular post I’m going to tell you exactly what we budget for.

There is a trip we are preparing for in September. My husband’s nephew is getting married in Texas. We live in Florida. It’s going to be quite a drive. We feel the need to save for it because we know it’s going to happen. And, if you plan, the money will be there when the time comes.

Also, we save for Christmas every year. I know it’s a shocker, but Christmas comes every year!

So here’s our list:

KLOVE radio station
Power Bill
Water/Sewer Bill
Home Gas Bill
Cell Phones
Gas for cars
Car Insurance
Life Insurance
Planet Fitness (Gym for husband only)
Husbands fun/play money
Wife’s fun/play money
Texas September Wedding

401K & Health Insurance are taken from my husbands check before he gets paid.

This is our month to month budget needs. Birthday money is worked in as needed. My husband and I don’t buy gifts for each other and our 3 children have October (2 girls) and December (1 boy) birthdays.

We also send our children to a private Christian school. My husband can earn commissions through his job quarterly based off of his sales. That is not promised, but it’s where the tuition comes from. Praise the Lord for providing for us! We’ve been able to do this because of that.

I understand we can always cut back, but we still live below our means and save every month. I would personally love to get rid of cable, but that is not something my husband and I agree to do together, so we still have it. Also, we live with my mom and dad in the same house, and my dad is very much a sports lover like my husband, so cable it is! It helps to share the cost of all the expenses too. We do the best we can by working together to the best of our ability. Thank you Lord!

Things can change, but we adjust accordingly. Budgets aren’t easy, but they do work great! Yes, they work!


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