The Thief of Comparison

How focused are you? Do you get distracted easily? Do other things or people grab your attention quickly?

I can be pretty focused and ready to get things done, but every once in a while I have issues with comparing my life to someone else’s. I’ve personally found that social media is not for me. It steals my joy and I can get very depressed very quickly over one picture or a few words.

Like many these days, I have gone on Facebook and scrolled through, mindlessly, looking at all the posts. Now, don’t get me wrong because I do believe Facebook can be very positive. It can be good for those family or friends who are far away and it brings everyone closer together. For me, however, it brings more sorrow than joy.

I find myself opening up Facebook and the very first thing on there is someone else with their friends having a good ole time and I’m at home by myself. And, I have NO friends. Of course, that’s not the case, but it’s the very first thing I think of and feel.

Or, I see someone going on vacation with their family and we are at home doing the same thing we do all the time. I do start to think of the money they’re spending and know I’m doing just fine at home. But, it would still be nice to go somewhere.

There are many other negatives I’ve found with Facebook. So, for me, I tell you what I’ve had to learn to do. I’ve had to just quit going on and only occasionally check my notifications. I’ve learned when I check it on my phone, I have to cover the top with my hand and with my other hand I click on my notifications. That way when something pops up, I don’t see it and I won’t know any better… or worse.

It took me a while to even get a Facebook page. I’ve only really had one for 5 years now. It’s definitely been a learning experience. I have noticed I am much more joyful and appreciate who I have and what I have in my life. For a long time it stole my joy, time, and it lied to me. It would make me think things that weren’t true, but I chose to believe it anyway. It’s what I saw and my perception of it made it real.

I am happy to say that I know, now, that I’m not missing much of anything since I rarely get on it. If you are having trouble with depression or time management, maybe you need to look at where you spend your time. Facebook will not bring you joy and it will not solve your problems. Neither will Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, or anything else.

True joy comes from the Lord.

I believe that the devil tries to steal our time, our joy and destroy us with whatever means possible. Social media can be another way. This doesn’t mean he uses it to get to you, but I know he can. He has tried with me. I do better staying away from it. So, if you don’t hear from me or I don’t respond on Facebook, don’t take it personally. I’m just trying to steer clear from negative and focus on more important things.


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